Riser Daughterboard PD16-4x4

33,35 $

Riser daughterboard, which can be used in "Bifurcated Riser x16 to 4x4 (Set)" or "Bifurcated Riser x16 to 2x8 (Set)"


In order to use full functionality, you should have a motherboard that supports active Bifurcation from BIOS settings. There should be an option for setting how the bifurcation will work. (Example: from x16 to 4x4) If you don't have this option active and functional from your motherboards BIOS, you won't be able to use the full functionality of this product.

  • Supports PCI-E standards up to date PCI 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0
  • Gold plated contacts for flawless connectivity and long lifespan.
  • High quality clock generator for stable work
  • Color: White
  • Custom bifurcation combinations of x8x4x4 or x4x4x8 are also possible (if motherboard supports it)
  • Transparent device, works with all operating systems and NO drivers are required.
  • Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10/; Windows server 2016/2019; Linux; FreeBSD; All unlisted OS are also supported.
  • Size: 111mm x 49mm x 10mm

Technische Daten

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